Some of our high-end projects include:-

1. Embassy 1992 (cnr Smith & Aliwal st): Here we installed a Aluminium roof to the base of the dome at the 26th floor level. With high swirling winds through the adjacent buildings and a sheer drop at the ends of a steeply sloping roof this was no easy task!

2. Natal Portland Cement 1999(Coedmore Quarry): We installed the cladding to the conveyors,lift shaft and the top of the silo at a height of 68.50m – all without the use of any scaffolding!

3. Fresh Produce Market Pietermaritzburg 1996: Here we installed a 17000m2 new roof +- 5.00m above the existing roof which was then dismantled from beneath – this was all done whilst the market continued to trade below.

4. Sappi Saiccor Continua #3 1998: Here we fixed a stainless steel sheet lining from the inside below the purlins of an existing curved asbestos cement roof and then later stripped and replace the roof sheeting. This had to be done operating from a scaffold built on top of a gantry crane which had to dismantled every afternoon and re-erected the following day to allow for the uninterrupted 24hr operation of the pulp vat some 20.00m below. Extreme temperatures and noxious gasses also had to be contended with. The interruption of this process would have cost R1Million per day (in1998) in lost revenue!

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Some of the projects successfully completed by Natal Cladding include:

Project Name Roof Type Square Meterage
Escourt Shopping Centre I.B.R ± 8 000m²
Sappi Stanger Asbestos ,I.B.R & Alu ± 32 000m²
Sappi Mandini Asbestos & I.B.R ± 21 000m²
Jacksons Metals I.B.R ± 10 000m²
Frame Group Asbestos & I.B.R ± 8 000m²
Nampak I.B.R ± 12 000m²
PMB Fresh Produce Market I.B.R ± 16 500m²
Tongaat Huletts I.B.R ± 10 000m²
Apex Foundry I.B.R & S/steel ± 4 000m²
TBA Isithebe I.B.R ± 3 500m²
Sappi Stanger Polycarbonate & Aluminium ± 4 500m²
Browns Cash & Carry Asbestos ± 5 000m²
L’etangs Chemist Supaclad ± 4 500m²
Sappi Stanger Polycarbonate ± 3 500m²
Tugela Aluminia I.B.R ± 2 000m²
Intertop I.B.R ± 1 500m²
Umzinto Prison Asbestos ± 8 500m²
Hilton Quarry Chromadek I.B.R ± 16 000m²
Mnt Edgecombe Ind. Mill Chromadek I.B.R ± 8 500m²
Glen eagle Ind. Estate Supaclad ± 11 000m²
Lennings Manganese Aluminium ± 20 000m²
Henred Fruehaf Aluminium ± 11 000m²
I.T.B – Isithebe Chromadek I.B.R ± 9 500m²
Future Bedding Chromadek I.B.R ± 8 000m²
llovo – Pongola Chromadek I.B.R ± 8 000m²
Sappi Saiccor Stainless Steel ± 2 000m²
Blue Bell Wrangler Chromadek I.B.R ± 14 000m²
Knowles Shopping Centre Kingklip 700 ± 3 000m²
Lovemore Bros I.B.R ± 5 000m²
Sappi Saiccor Stainless Steel ± 1 200m²
Game City I.B.R ± 5 000m²
Wheeler House I.B.R ± 3 500m²