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Craft Lock

Unrestricted thermal movement: The unique fixing method allows for expansion and contraction of the sheeting without subjecting the fasteners to fatigue or loosening.

Double capillary action break: The double capillary brake design of the interlocking mechanism of adjoining sheets ensures the prevention of ingress of rainwater by capillary action.

Ease of erection: As set out in “Erection Procedures”, Craft-Lock sheeting can be erected easily by using unskilled labour, requiring the minimum tools. The narrow width of sheets simplifies handling and erection procedures.

Long span capacity: Owing to the depth and rigidity of the profile, long spans between purlins are possible. (Technical Data and Test reports are available on request.)
Water-carrying capacity. The trough-depth of 41 mm enhances the water-carrying capacity of the sheet and makes low roof pitches possible.

Security: As fasteners are concealed, roof sheets cannot easily be removed from outside.
Economy. The narrow width of the sheet reduces wastage, or the necessity for cutting of sheets, thus saving on material and labour.

Profiling: Craft-Lock sheets can be profiled on site to reduce transport costs and to eliminate transport damage. Wet storage corrosion resulting from extended unprotected storage of stacks of profiled sheets on the building site is therefor prevented.

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