Alucushion® FR (Fire retardant grade) is manufactured by a continuous lamination process of low density polyethylene and aluminium foil with sealed bubbles of air between the two outer laminates. The thousands of individually celled air bubbles created during the manufacturing process, form a column of immobilised dry air, effectively countering heat loss through convection and conduction. Add to this the low emissivity and high reflectivity of the aluminium foil surface, and it’s advantages as a heat transfer barrier become obvious. Alucushion® FR (fire retardant grade) is the cost effective solution for most roof insulation applications, and has the following value added benefits:

  • Strong, light and flexible with excellent tear resistance
  • Heat stabilized for durability and effective in a temperature range from -20C° to 80°C.
  • Non-toxic, inert and vermin proof
  • Waterproof – no membrane necessary under roof tiles or sheeting
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish with good light reflectance
  • Acknowledged by the trade as the easiest thermal insulation on the market to install

Properly installed under normal environmental conditions, Alucushion® FR will last the lifespan of the roof under which it has been installed. Alucushion FR is tested and evaluated according to SABS 1381 (Materials for Thermal Insulation of Buildings) Part 4: Reflective Foil laminates, rolls, sheets and sections.

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IsoBoard thermal insulation is a high density, rigid, extruded polystyrene insulation board. It has a 100% closed cell structure and is produced on a fully automated extrusion process – in accordance with international specifications and standards. In controlled environments e.g. air-conditioned office blocks, wine cellars, etc., the product’s payback period ranges from 3 – 5 years, due to savings on energy costs. The use of advanced, state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to guarantee exceptional properties such as:

  • High resistance to heat flow i.e. conductivity.
  • Resistance to water vapour diffusion and water absorption.
  • Uniform density distribution.
  • Very high compressive strength.
  • Ageing resistance.
  • Resistance to bacteria.
  • Micro-organism growth.

As a result of all these, as well as many other benefits, IsoBoard is sufficiently versatile to make it an innovative and cost effective alternative to conventional insulation products. It also means that IsoBoard can be used in various applications in numerous different markets. Advantages Savings Up To 40% IsoBoard retards heat flow into buildings in summer. IsoBoard keeps heat inside buildings during winter.

Heat Flow: IsoBoard has a k-value of 0,024W/m°C (determined in accordance with ISO 8302:1991(E) or ASTM C518) at 20°C mean temperature and 90 day aged. The k-value will increase with time when exposed to air and will also be influenced by water content.

Water: IsoBoard will only absorb 0.32% (ISO 2896:1987) water and heat flow resistance will reduce by only 3%. Vapour: IsoBoard ‘s closed cellular structure provides exceptional resistance to water vapour permeability. Heat flow resistance will reduce by a maximum of 8%.

Fire: IsoBoard contains self-extinguishing fire retardants and will not propagate fire in exposed roof applications as certified by the CSIR report no B7510/020 5600 5664. Click here for Large Scale Fire Tests report.

Pest: IsoBoard is odourless, chemically inert and does not supply nutrition for pests, or support micro-organism growth.

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Nampak L&CP offers a range of reflective aluminium foil laminations, including Super Sisalation, for roof and building insulation. We also manufacture a variety of foil-facings, which are used for insulation and vapour barrier applications. Specialities include fibreglass tissue to foil laminates, for wall and ceiling applications. Only applicable to Nampak L&CP

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