Allweather Roofing

We have 30 years experience in roofing maintenance. Our entire crew is highly trained to install Harveytiles and handle any Harveytile roofing problem you may have.

We do full roof replacements in KwaZulu Natal and offer a full range of Harveytile roofing materials from which to choose. No job is too small or too large for us. We are available all year round, weather permitting, and our prices are very fair.

We cover the whole of KwaZulu Natal. We replace or reroof any old roof for HOMES • CHURCHES • COLLEGES • FLATS • SHOPS • COTTAGES.

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Product Information

Harveytiles are a long lasting steel based tile. They have been in production for more than 30 years and are exported all over the world. The coating is baked onto the tile in a furnace to ensure that the color does not fade. They have a stone based coating which ensures that it is resistant to harsh weather conditions including hail and heavy rain. Their interlocking system ensures that they do not leak even in very windy conditions. They weigh a mere 6,9kg /m2 and this makes them ideal for re-roofing over any type of existing roofing material.


The Elitetile is the standard Harveytile which is most commonly fitted. They come in 5 standard colors namely Black, Grass green, Terracotta, Burgundy and Dark blue. Once they are installed they give the appearance of a normal tiled roof.

thatch tile


The Thatchtile is our fastest growing range of tiles. Designed to give the impression of thatch, it can be fitted directly over existing thatch roofs to retain the thatch interior, or as a new roof as well. It has two layers of stone coating, as opposed to the Elitetiles one layer. It has become very popular in the Drakensberg area where thatching is becoming more problematic.